No bicycle will run on leg power alone. To function properly mile after mile, bikes also require a bit of lube and some TLC. While a bicycler may not know each remedy that a bike needs to live as long of a life as possible, with a bit of knowledge and attention to when something is out of place, any bike can remain in great shape for several decades. Some advice that can be used for aiding any bike rider regarding keeping their bicycle in riding condition can be found here, or by visiting

Helpful Tips to Care for a Bike

Some general tips to help a bike remain in good, riding condition include:

If the part on the bicycle has threads, it needs to be greased.

No bicycle can be adjusted properly if it is not lubricated or if it is dirty.

It is essential to perfect the process of changing a flat tire prior to going on a ride.

Nylon tire levers are always better than the metal option.

Measure components twice prior to cutting - especially tubes.

Check the tire pressure prior to each ride.

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The necessary tools to have during any ride including a tube or patch kit, CO2 or a pump and a multi-tool that includes a chain breaker.

Checking a Bike for Trouble

It is important to frequently check for any type of bearing play in the cranks, hubs and headset. This can be done by a rider or a professional bike shop. Another tip is if a person plans to take their bike on the road traveling, be sure it is secured properly. This includes being packed into a box to be shipped, or on a bike rack attached to a vehicle. A fall or rough handling can cause irreparable damage.

Taking the time to care for a bicycle will ensure it is ready to endure the miles ahead. For more information about what to do with a bike that needs repairs, when to take action for these repairs and who to call for help with these repairs, visit the website. Remember not all bike repairs will be created equally, which means it is essential to carefully evaluate each problem as it arises. Doing this will help keep a bike in quality, riding condition.

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